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30 Days to a Slimmer, Happier You!

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WAS $99.99 - NOW $19.97

100% Natural

It's essential to us that anything we use on our bodies be the safest and most beneficial possible. We ensure that every one of our products is all-natural.

Highly Effective

The product effectively blocks the absorption of grease, sugar, and starch and helps balancing one's excess appetite. It also helps eliminating fats and toxins in the body while tightening one's skin. Moreover, the effectiveness of using this patch is higher than taking pills because of it's ability to bypass the digestive system.

Best Quality

We use the best ingredients and the most potent processes to bring you the only Slim Patch to ever hold a satisfaction and quality guarantee.

Customer Approved

With thousands of success stories since our launch, we're celebrating by giving back to you with this once-in-a-lifetime offer!

How Do I Begin?

Simply stick the slim patch onto the navel area daily, complete a treatment term and you will find how effective it is! Lose excess weight TODAY

100% Natural Ingredients


A plant extract that boosts fat burning capabilities and promotes weight loss.


Boosts metabolism levels and increases blood circulation.


Reduces cellulite and promotes the burning of fat throughout the body.


Restores the elasticity of the body, tightening the skin and decreasing the appearance of cellulite.

Salicornia Herbacea

Another extract that works as a power antioxidant, flushing toxins from the body. Also keeps the skin hydrated.


More Details

Detailed How-To

  • Apply one patch per day, for up to 12 hours
  • Keep yourself properly hydrated while wearing the patch
  • You may apply the patch on various areas but applying the patch directly over the navel (belly) area will increase results.
  • Results appear after the first week of usage.


  • 30 patches per pack
  • Effective and SAFE
  • One patch every 12 hours
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Makes for the perfect gift!
  • Online EXCLUSIVE, NOT sold in stores

Experts say

Victoria Walsh

"The Easy Burn Patch is an easy recommendation for anyone looking to optimise the amount of fat they're burning. The perfect addition to any healthy routine!"